About Us


we are

The founder of White Canvas is an engineer and has a knack of design. He is into design education for the past 17 years and possesses a deep insight in this stream. He has trained hundreds of students and teachers in the domain of design, creativity, problem solving, visualisation, creative writing, communication skills and verbal ability. When it comes to preparing students for personal interviews and group discussions, he has trained more than 4000 students of various streams. He has been counselling design aspirants for the past 10 years and has helped them pick the right design college and course.

why we

We are fully aware of the ins and outs of design, architecture and fine arts. We have knowledge of top colleges in the country and across the globe; hence we would provide one stop solution to students who aspire to get into design. We acquire immense clarity about the examination process and pattern of various design, architecture and fine arts colleges. As design entrance exam and the topics covered are quite different from the usual competitive exams, it asks for a good understanding of the topics. Our team of experts would equip students with all that is required to crack the design entrance tests. We would hone the attitude as well as skills of the student. We work on enhancing imagination, creativity, observation, visualisation, reasoning, communication and verbal ability of the students.

our teachıng methodology

“If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t teach you”. Our teaching philosophy strongly follows the words spoken by Elebert Einstein. Learnings are faster and in depth when students perform activities or carry out a challenge or a task. We, at White Canvas have included hundreds of activities in our curriculum which nurture left and the right brains of design aspirants.

In our prevailing education system, children are forced to do rot learning of subjects and are often stressed with pressure of exams. Because of this they miss out on many a virtues that they should have inculcated during their schooling. Design entrance tests test children’s lesser developed qualities like observation, imagination, creativity, visualisation, problem solving, thinking skills, verbal ability and general awareness. The curriculum at White Canvas ensures that development of all these qualities is meticulously addressed.

Students at White Canvas blossom under the guidance of top designers and experts.

Each student is individually taken care of as the batch size is just 16. Students would be given group tasks also so that they learn to work in a team. They take a number of mock tests by the end of the course so that they face the entrance test with utmost confidence. By the time the course is completed, students are in a position to create their own portfolios which will showcase their creative skills in the studio test. Once the child gets through in the written test, he is rigorously trained for the studio test and personal interview.