regular courses

one year program

As the course content of Design or Architectural entrance exams is quite different in comparison to the routine courses in the school, this one year program is best suited for the student. Sketching, visualisation, creative and logical reasoning exercises ask for a lot of practice, hence this program gives ample of time to infuse confidence in the student; regular school studies don’t get disturbed too. This course is advisable for students of class 11.

fee — INR 75,000/-

six months program

Six months of focussed studies and practice makes the student ready to face the exams. This course provides ample practice of sketching, visualisation, creative thinking and logical reasoning.

fee — INR 55,000/-

Three months program

More hours of classroom studies and practice sessions are the highlight of this course. Students are required to be committed and maintain regularity in completing their assignments.

fee — INR 45,000/-

crash course

one month program

This is a rigorous program wherein the student is expected to be fully devoted for the preparation in classroom as well as at home. He/she has to be in true friendship with Pencil and paper. The faculty do a lot of hand holding during this course as there is no margin of error. This course is suited for students who don’t reside in Indore and for those who have decided late about taking these exams.

fee — INR 50,000/-