Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If . . .
you are a dreamer
not the apparent . . . you think different
you love colors
if you are the one, who adores nature
you like sketching and painting
you are an avid movie goer
you don’t like to follow a routine
if you often get bored
you try new things
you like to travel
you want to make an impact
If you have a bit of the above, you are the one . . . who is fit to be a designer!!

I am unable to draw, can I still pursue design?

Drawing is a skill that can be acquired and mastered with right guidance and practice. White Canvas equips you with the apt technique, style and the finer points of sketching and drawing so that you make friends with the piece of graphite and paper.

When should I ideally start preparing for design entrance tests?

Three things contribute the most to give best results in design entrance tests.
a. Creative thinking
b. Sketching and drawing
c. General Awareness

As these qualities are less addressed during schooling you need ample of time to practice and polish these, hence “sooner the better”.

It’s advised to commence your preparation from class 11.

What kind of courses does whıte canvas offer?

White Canvas offers studio study program. We also offer a very comprehensively prepared and updated test series and Mock Tests.

Does whıte canvas conduct any selection test to take on students for its programs?

We do conduct an assessment test so as to gauge student’s understanding of design related topics. This helps us to design individual specific program.

What is the duration of whıte canvas courses?

White Canvas offers an array of course modules for different needs of students. We have Regular and Weekend courses which spread over 2 years, 1 year, 6 months. We also have Crash courses lasting 15 days. But it is advisable to take a long duration course to get into real preparation mode.

I am currently in Std XI/ XII, I am busy preparing for board exams and have very little time to prepare for NATA / CEPT, NIFT, NID or CEED in the coming year. Which is the best suited course for me?

You may take up the White Canvas Weekend program which will have least effect on your school studies.  

If your school gets over by noon, you also have an option of joining the White Canvas regular program which is held 6 days a week in evening hours.

I have appeared for 12th std exam and am awaiting my results. I don’t live in Indore but I want to write NATA / CEPT, NIFT, NID or CEED this year. Which course would you suggest for me?

You may join the White Canvas crash course which is held 5 days a week. The classes are held 8 hours every day. Spending so much of time with us will give you enough practice to cover the whole curriculum in a speedy and satisfactory way.

Does whıte canvas provide hostel accommodation?

We don’t have our own hostel facility but our team will assist you to find a suitable and reasonable accommodation in the city.

I am in class 8th/ 9th and want to prepare for NATA / CEPT and NID. Which course should I take up at whıte canvas?

It’s good that you have a clear focus and you want to start your preparation early. White Canvas has skill development programs for such young students so that they get enough time to master the desired skills.

Why should I join whıte canvas?

We have a meticulously designed and updated curriculum, study material, worksheets and test series for design aspirants.

The fact is that schools rarely provide the input required to develop your creative side as it focuses on the logical brain development. White Canvas is very well aware of this and has best resources to fill this void. Individual attention to students is sure to catalyse their learning process and speed.

How do I apply to whıte canvas course?

To process your admission, we require
a. A filled in Application form (available online)
b. A recent passport sized photograph

The course fee is accepted online as well as by cheque. The complete course fee is to be deposited at the time of admission.

In case I discontinue the course mid way, will the course fee be refunded?

Refund of fees will not be done in any circumstance.